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Magento — Shopify — Prestashop — OpenCart


LEXIM builds enterprise ecommerce web / mobile applications and custom platforms.

Each project is crafted to include features that bring value to customers, new markets, and the business itself.


Knowing the business is our essential starting point, integrating data that includes sales and behaviour. The goal is to drive traffic to your site and increase product visibility and pageviews through user experience (UX) optimization. Navigation is a part of the user experience but also a core component of Search Engine optimization (SEO). The structure of your ecommerce site or platform must be organized in a way that is useful and informative to to your customer.


Having covered site structure, functionality and speed is the next step to satisfied customers who can order and process payments at the single click of a button.  The combined factors of optimized copy, functionality, UI & UX, SEO-friendly structure and navigation, increases conversions and cultivates trust and reputation with your clients and customer base.



LEXIM develops ecommerce web & mobile apps and custom ecommerce platforms from scratch.


Depending on the industry, a custom solution may be appropriate—ie. raw development from start to finish.  However, integration and customization of well known ecommerce platforms is the more common route using big players like Magento and OpenCart.


LEXIM developers can create the shopping experience that your target customers crave. We offer a full suite of services that include Development, UI & UX Design, and even digital marketing, creative, and SEO.


Ecommerce needs to be mobile-friendly, or even better mobile-centric. The shopping, purchasing, and orders process must function and display on any device so your customers can find you at anytime, anywhere.


Responsive design means that every screen—from desktop to mobile & tablet—displays your products in the best way possible and carries your customer along their shopping journey in a smoothest, most seamless, way possible.




Both out-of-the-box and custom solutions provide real-time analysis of customer behavior, sales, products, and even digital marketing initiatives.


We can create the right data capture, automated analysis, and display for your specific type of business—be it technology, fashion, beauty, or home products.


LEXIM not only builds, but provides custom marketing tools for each client. Our expertise spans Search Engine Optimization (SEO), digital marketing, and social media integration.


Custom ECOMMERCE Content Management Systems (CMS)

Get the most out of your content management system.

Whether we develope your system on top of a well-known platform like Magento, or build your software from the ground up, LEXIM will customize your own experience of the platform with personalized dashboards, data display, and content management options.


We provide advanced back-end admin training for those who need to get up to speed with the latest technology and tools.




LEXIM excels in custom Systems Integration and of all of your business processes—accounting, financial, Customer Relationship Management, analytics. Diverse applications can be synced and migrated to connect your tried and true business practices and platforms with the newest technology.


We automate existing business systems and streamline operations that may exist in operating silos.



LEXIM can create custom apps for your business, products, and customers. Applications can serve internal business needs such as analytics, business intelligence, or internal communications and company collaboration. But mobile, web, and social networking apps might also serve your customers, creating custom shopping experiences, ways to interact with other fans of your products, and even branded games that increase engagement and awareness.

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